Frequently asked questions

    How to?

    Any recommendations or tips?

    -Acrylic paint dries fairly quickly, yet it’s water based. The lid of each paint can should be kept closed when not in use.
    -To keep the paint flowing nicely, you can add literally just a couple of drops of water to each paint can when you start a new number. This also works wonders if you tend to forget the lids open for longer, and the paint starts losing its flow.
    -Don’t throw the paints away before the whole painting is ready. After each color is dried, you might want to add another layer to make the color pop, so we recommend holding on to each paint until the whole painting is done!
    -Before starting a new color, clean your brushes well.
    -Wash your brushes at the end of the day with clean water. This ensures that you can keep using the same brushes the next day

    Any preparations for painting?

    You can just start painting, but here are some things that make your experience better:

    -Good lighting goes a long way, a nicely lit area makes the experience better!
    -Always make sure the painting surface is protected. You can use newspapers or a plastic tablecloth, for example.
    -It’s good to have a cup of water handy, so you can rinse your brushes before starting the next color.

    How to Paint by Numbers

    All of our kits come with numbered paint cans of all the colors in the painting, and a painting canvas with drawn areas, specifically numbered for each color. Just paint the whole canvas by numbers, and you have created a magnificent painting. Brushes are included in the kit, so you can literally unbox, and start creating!

    Step 1:
    Spread out the canvas in the kit.

    Pick one of the numbered paints

    Step 3:
    Paint all the areas with that number

    Step 4: Pick the next color and enjoy!


    Why my payment failed?

    If your payment failed, you can always contact our chat and ask. Mostly when payments fail, it’s because of one or more of these reasons:
    -Credit card numbers or details not entered correctly.
    -Limits to credit card usage issued by you or your bank.
    -Failed connection: To ensure the safety of payments, most payment gateways need to have a constant connection to the server.

    If you have entered your credit card numbers correctly and still keep getting a failure message, you can always try a different card or payment method, for example PayPal.

    Are my payment details safe?

    Yes, your payment details are completely safe! We use SSL encryption for all your data to make sure no third party can spy on our customers.

    Payments at our site are encrypted, using the state-of-the-art technology by our payment gateways PayPal and Stripe. Even we do not have access to your credit card information.

    What payment methods do you offer?

    We accept all common cards like Visa, MasterCard American Express, Maestro etc). You can also check out using PayPal.


    Whoops, wrinkled my canvas before painting, what to do?

    No worries! The canvas is linen, just like many clothes. You can iron it with low heat and a spray bottle!

    What is included in your Paint by Numbers kits

    All of our kits include the following:
    1. A numbered linen canvas. The canvas is pre-printed with numbers of each color in the painting. The area of each color is drawn with lines.
    2. Numbered acrylic, water soluble paint set. Each paint can has a number on top. That number matches the same, specific color in the painting.
    3. Set of 3x paint brushes: 1x small, 1x medium, and 1x large.
    4. Hanging kit, that includes 2x screws and 2x non-track hooks

    Is there enough paint for the entire painting?

    The short answer: Yes, there is plenty!

    The long answer: Yes, there is plenty! The paints are also water soluble. If you find the thought of running out of paint stressful, you can add literally just a couple of drops of water to each paint can whenever you start painting with a new number. This makes the brush flow better without affecting the color, and therefore saves paint.

    You can do the same thing if you want to take it slow, and therefore each paint can stays open for long periods of time. Adding just a couple of drops of water from time to time ensures the paint doesn’t start to lose its flow by drying.

    Are your paints safe?

    Yes, our acrylics are water-based and therefore completely safe for painting!

    That being said, we are not healthcare professionals, and if you want to know more about the safety of water-based acrylics, contact a professional.

    Our paints are paints, not food. No chemicals that are not especially designed for consumption are safe for consumption. Never, in any circumstances, consume our paints in any manner. If for example your kid consumes our paints, contact a healthcare professional immediately.

    It is debated if (extremely rare) allergic reactions to acrylics are possible for some people, but apparently there might be a handful of reported cases. If you have an allergic reaction, contact a healthcare professional immediately. Also, if you have a multiple allergic disorder, consult a healthcare professional before painting with our kits.

    Do I need to mix paints myself?

    No, that’s the beauty of it! All of our kits come with pre-mixed paints. The paints come in numbered small cans, that are exactly the right colors for the painting. You do not have to mix any paints, just start painting!


    What are your shipping times?

    Disclaimer: The pandemic is affecting shipping times right now, and our shipping times to U.S. are about 3-5 weeks.

    In normal circumstances, you should receive your order within 4-7 business days.

    Note: Updated 05/06/2020

    How is Covid-19 affecting shipping

    Yes, although we are still shipping! To be transparent, right now Covid-19 is starting to affect our shipping times, as our U.S. warehouses have run out of stock, and we are on back order in almost all of our products.

    Slowdowns in shipping, customs and production combined with an unprecedented demand for Paint by Numbers kits are affecting shipping times. Currently almost all stock in the U.S. warehouses is sold out, and we are shipping directly from our factories in China. The estimated shipping time for our kits is 3-5 weeks right now.

    Once we have shipped your order, we’ll provide you with a tracking number, so you can see where your items are located.

    Which courier service do you use?

    Normally we ship all of our products with USPS.

    During the pandemic, we might use other courier services as well, because we are shipping directly from our factory in China.

    Why was I given multiple tracking numbers?

    We have multiple warehouses in the U.S. and occasionally different paintings may be located in different locations. Whenever this is the case, we might ship your order in multiple separate packages to ensure that all your items reach you as fast as possible. So the tracking numbers are for different paintings that should arrive roughly simultaneously.

    How can I track my shipment?

    After you have placed an order with us, we will process it and ship it. Right after it has been dispatched from our warehouse, you will receive an email containing your:
    1. Tracking number.
    2. Link to a tracking service, where you can track your shipment.

    Where is your warehouse / where do you ship from?

    Disclaimer: During the pandemic we are shipping mostly directly from our factories in China. Shipping times may vary slightly, but 3-5 weeks is a good estimate.

    Normally: All of our warehouses are located in the U.S. We have multiple warehouses and depending on the situation, different paintings may be located in different locations within the U.S. Shipping times may vary slightly, but 4-7 days is a good estimate.